Monday, 25 May 2015

Change linked to item with edit menu to different column

Normally a SharePoint list links to an item using the “Title” field. But in some cases you want to hide Title Column and and add linked to item link to another column.

Now to link the Item to a specific column/field, you need to open the list in SharePoint designer and look for the <viewfields> tags.
And then add LinkToItem="TRUE" to whichever column you want the link.

   <FieldRef Name="field1"/><br/>  
   <FieldRef Name="field2"/><br/>  
   <FieldRef Name="field3" LinkToItem="TRUE"/><br/>  
   <FieldRef Name="field4"/><br/>  
   <FieldRef Name="field5"/><br/>  

Save and you are done.!!!!!!

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