Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Create a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013

This is a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to Create a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013.We will use the new Design Manager to Create a Layout (from an existing one) and then edit it in one of the editors like Notepad.Once the layout is Created and Uploaded to Master Page Gallery, you can edit the generated html file in an editor of your choice and upload it back to the Master Page Gallery.

Before you begin make sure that you have Publishing Feature enabled on your site and you see “Deisgn Manager” under Look and feel.

  1. Navigate to Site Settings -> Design Manager (under look and feel).
  2. Next in Design Manager select “6. Edit Page Layouts” and then “Create a page layout”
  3. Now Create a Custom Page layout using the Article Page Content type.
  4. When the Layout is Created, it gets available in “Edit Page Layouts” list and the “Master Page gallery” of the site.The Layout Page will be in Drafts mode until you publish it as a major version.
  5. Next Edit the New Layout Page and save the Changes.In SharePoint 2013 for every Layout page two files – .aspx and html are created by default.

    For making Changes to the Custom Layout, you need to download the html file of your layout page and make Changes to it.The modified html file is then saved back to the MasterPage Page gallery where the corresponding .aspx file gets updated automatically.
  6. Once you have updated and saved the Layout page, you need to Publish the Layout page as a major version to make it available in Layouts list.
  7. Finally, Create a new Page with your Custom Layout.

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